* new layout
* login bug fixed
* new job: upvote/downvote comments
* many small changes

Small Update:
* browser saves profiles based on the username, once logged, it don't ask again to login
* It checks if the user is logged
* new job: upvote/downvote comments
* when starting or stopping the job, it will kill all browser processes that was hanging

* post comments has been added [new feature]

* More icons in the menu
* Spintax comments
* Check if chrome is installed
* Shadow text in boxes explaining each box
* Less files and size in the software folder
* New icon for the installer

* Error Messages in Result Tab
* New option to select to save or not the cookies
* Minor bugs fixed

* Right click menu for all text boxes that allow load from files and save to files
* New menu tool > Kill all chromes when running for long time

Version 1.0 Released
* Initial release of Reddit Voter

Version 1.01 Released
* Ctrl+v Shortcode bug fixed

Version 1.02 Released:
* Check Updates [new]
* Check if is voted before voting
* Pause Before Exit bug fixed

Version 1.03 Released:
What's new:
* Reddit Login Bug [Fixed]
* Account Checker [New]
* Minor Bugs [Fixed]

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